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Eureka 3D Learning Videos Software

Eureka 3D Learning Videos Software increases educational effectiveness by introducing & explaining difficult topics of Science covering the K-12 spectrum Eureka has been localized into Dari and Pashto and approved by MCIT and MOE. Currently installed in 9 schools with 200 schools planned to be computerized in 2017. The Program Equips teachers with high quality content, thus saves time in explaining difficult concepts & revising the syllabus. Helps students in visualizing complex topics resulting in better understanding, retention & improved grade patterns. Adds 3 Dimensional value to a traditional classroom teaching & learning environment.

Designmate Pvt Ltd , has been in operation for more than 25 years as a 3D production house developing creative eContent for K12 education and deliver World’s best 3D animated content for K12 curriculums in animations and use of graphics to simplify concepts of Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Math. E-Content is a combination of over 2200 High quality 3D videos, simulations, quizzes, images, links on net, keywords, mind maps & other interesting aspects covering every topic making it vast and self-explanatory & learning objects known as Eureka.


Eureka is an educational software that increases educational effectiveness, efficiency and scientific literacy by introducing and explaining difficult topics in Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Math. It helps students visualizing complex topics resulting in better understanding and retention. It provides students with information on:


Biotechnology, Botany, Environment and Ecology, Human Physiology and Anatomy, Taxonomy, Zoology medical equipment and Cytology.


Electronics and Communication, Astronomy, Electricity and Magnetism, Atomic and Nuclear physics, Heat and Thermodynamics, Sound and Might and Mechanics. Once installed, students and teachers can use this in any program.


Environmental Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry. Once installed, students and teachers can use this in any program.

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